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0% Nonfat Milk1% Lowfat Milk2% Cottage Cheese2% Reduced Fat Milk60% Dark Chocolate70% Dark ChocolateAll Purpose FlourAlmondsAmerican CheeseAppleApple Cider VinegarApple JuiceApricotsArugulaAsparagusAvocadoBaby CarrotsBaconBagel
Balsamic VinegarBananaBeef ChuckBeerBeetsBlack BeansBlackberriesBlue CheeseBlueberriesBok ChoyBourbonBrandyBrie CheeseBrisketBroccoliBroccoli FlowersBroccoli RaabBrown SugarBrussels Sprouts
ButtermilkButternut SquashCabbageCanola OilCantaloupeCarrotsCatfishCauliflowerCeleryCheddar CheeseCheeriosCherriesChicken Breast with SkinChicken Breast without SkinChicken Drumstick with SkinChicken Thigh with SkinChicken Thigh without SkinChicken Wing with SkinChickpeas
Chocolate Ice CreamCoconut OilCodColaCooked MacaroniCooked RigatoniCooked SpaghettiCorn TortillaCountry-Style Pork RibCranberriesCream CheeseCrimini MushroomsCucumbers with PeelDeli HamDeli Roast BeefDeli TurkeyDoritosEggEgg White
Egg YolkEggplantEnglish MuffinFennelFeta CheeseFigsFlank SteakFlour TortillaFrench BreadGarlicGatoradeGinGlazed Cake DonutGlazed Yeast DonutGrapesGreek YogurtGreen BeansGreen Bell PeppersGreen Leaf Lettuce
Green OnionsGround Beef 10%Ground Beef 20%Ground ChickenGround Pork 16%Half and HalfHalibutHeavy CreamHigh-Alcohol BeerHoneyHoneydewHot DogIceberg LettuceItalian Pork SausageJam / JellyJicamaKaleKetchupLard
LeeksLemon JuiceLemonadeLemonsLight BeerLime JuiceLimesLong Grain RiceMaple SyrupMayonnaiseMilk ChocolateMixed Salad GreensMozzarella CheeseMustardNectarinesNY Strip SteakOatsOlive OilOlives
OnionOrange JuiceOrangesOreosParmigiano-Reggiano CheesePeachesPeanut ButterPeanut M&M’sPeanutsPearPeasPineapplePinto BeansPlain Cake DonutPlain M&M’sPlain Whole YogurtPlumsPopcornPork Loin Chop
Pork ShoulderPork SpareribPork TenderloinPotatoPotato ChipsProsciuttoRadishesRaspberriesRed Bell PeppersRed BullRed Kidney BeansRed Leaf LettuceRed WineRed Wine VinegarRib Eye SteakRice FlourRicotta CheeseRomaine LettuceRum
SalamiSalmon LoxSalted ButterSemisweet ChocolateShiitake MushroomsShort Grain RiceShrimpSkirt SteakSnickersSockeye SalmonSoft Goat CheeseSpinachStrawberriesStrawberry Ice CreamSweet PotatoSwiss CheeseTequilaTilapiaTomatoes
Top Sirloin SteakTri-tip SteakUncooked MacaroniUncooked RigatoniUncooked SpaghettiUnsalted ButterVanilla Ice CreamVodkaWatermelonWheat BreadWhipped CreamWhiskeyWhite BeansWhite BreadWhite ChocolateWhite CornWhite Distilled VinegarWhite MushroomsWhite Sugar
White WineWhole MilkWhole Sour CreamWhole Wheat FlourYellow Bell PeppersYellow CornYellowfin TunaZucchini

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Doing a Diet?

Browse all foods or narrow down by diet, including Atkins, Keto, Low Fat, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, and Whole 30. Or see which foods are better bought organic or when conventional is okay.

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How big is that?

Our photos include a unique background to help you understand a portion’s actual size, in both inches and centimeters.

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Sliced, diced,
and whole

When foods have different preparations, we’ve got you covered.

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Carbs and cals,
folates and fats

We use industry-standard USDA data to detail 35 leading nutrients.












Monounsaturated Fat


Pantothenic Acid


Polyunsaturated Fat




Saturated Fat





Total Fat

Vitamin A

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K



And more...

Nature doesn’t print nutrition labels on peels. We focus on the foods that are harder to find that info.

Sort by highest or lowest calories to easily compare foods. View by recents to quickly find your favorites. Select which nutrients to spotlight for at-a-glance guidance.

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